Francesco Giusta  is an Italian hurdy gurdy player and teacher, who starts taking interest in the hurdy gurdy at the age of 11.
He later improves and develops his technique with virtuosos such as Gregory Jolivet, German Diaz, Matthias Loibner, Valentin Clastrier and Tobie Miller. He has played in several bands, amongst folk and early music, and has been guest of well-known groups as Lou Dalfin, Malanova and L’Orage.

He recorded several CDs, amongst other his latest record “The Hurdy-Gurdy at the French Royal Court” in 2021 with his Baroque Duo. In 2015 he won the first price at the hurdy gurdy ‘solo’ competition at Le Son Continu festival in Chateau d’Ars, France, getting the title of ‘Maître sonneur’.
Since 2011 he held regular masterclasses and courses in Germany and in his hometown as well as concerts with his projects. At present, he plays with Trigomigo, Tre Martelli, in solo project, his Baroque Duo “Les Vielleux de la Reine” and teaches in Torino, Cuneo and Frankfurt.

„Les Vielleux de la Reine“ are a baroque hurdy gurdy duo including Francesco Giusta (IT) and Ron Höllein (GER). Named after the French Queen Maria Leszczynska, without whom the hurdy gurdy might have never been fashionable in 18th century France, their aim is to bring back long forgotten duo repertoire composed for the instrument.


Trigomigo is a Folk-Trio founded in 2002 by Elisa Testa, Emiliano Borello and Francesco Giusta. 
Together they play traditional music from Piedmont, Italy, all over Europe.


Over the years, Francesco Giusta held workshops and masterclasses in Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the UK, Finland, Spain, and the USA.
In additon to that, he teaches private lessons both in Turin (IT) and online.

Pictures on this website have been made by Bettina Zajonc | Farbhase Fotografie or Instagram